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May 18, 2011


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Congratulations, Treena! I am so happy for you! My um stamps are all done with Club Scrap mount-it. I have plastified the sheet that comes with the stamps to stick them on and they are all in a binder, year by year they have come out.

Judy I, St. Louis MO

I have stamped all my images organized by company, stored in a 5x8 binder. I also have an Excel spreadsheet with all my stamps listed. I have a column for stamp name, company, number, then also a category (theme) (the slot where the stamp is stored) and a subcategory. This way I can sort my list by company, discription, or theme. I used parts drawers to store my JustRite stamps, Rubber Stamp Tapestry Peg stamps and embellishments. I'll look forward to reading your article in Scrap & Stamp Arts.

Lee Tucker

Congrats! I am currently unmounting all of my WM stamps, but I can only afford to do around 6 sheets of EZ mount a month. I wish I could do them all at once to get it over with. I went on craig's list and asked for empty CD cases to store my stamps, and I received well over 200 of them (I have to do it again as they're almost gone). I just found a blog that helps you to organize your craftroom in 30 days, so I'll be using this as my inspiration. I was lucky enough to find another wooden cassette tape rack to put the rest of my ink pads in for storage. I store my longer ribbons on the back of my door. I take book binders and loop like colors on the same binder, and then I hook them on those cheap over-the-door hangers with 6 or more hooks. The smaller ribbons and fibers are in floss organizers.


Congratulations! I need to get my stamps organized!

My best method of organization is to put everything I am using for a card in a snap top box... but somehow that leaves me on a never ending quest to buy more snap top boxes!

Pat Moore

It is a never ending battle. I file my unmounted stamps by theme and keep them in storage containers.Not very original, but it works for me. I soon shall go thru the monumental task of unmounting my wooden stamps to make more space.

sue w.

Trena, congratulations!
Don't know if this is considered organization tip but here is what I do with all my scraps. I always have scraps of cardstock and pattern papers left over so what I do is sort them by color into extra large plastic baggies.
stamping sue

Diane Schafer

Trena, I just Stamp & Scrap mag yesterday. When I saw your Facebook notice, I grabbed it so I could read your article, congratulations! You are so organized and do wonderful work! One of my favorite things to read about is how others organize and store all the crafty stuff. Your studio is an inspiration. So glad to call you an ATC bud!
Diane S.

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