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    These photos capture my wonderful trip from 9/12/2008 to 9/19/2008 - meeting lovely people and having a great time!!

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January 31, 2010


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sandy Mayfield

This is beautiful! I love how you have things organized and at your fingertips. I think any stamper could just walk in and start creating. That is marvelous. I am the only one who can work in my art space because I have things everywhere. I can find it, it's organized in my mind. However, once I get going, I make a huge mess and HATE to clean it up. Thanks for all your suggestions. I would need a television clutter crew. lol.

Debbie Reaves

Hey Trena,

I thought I had a lot of crafty items but I think you have me beat. I just love your organizational items and ideas.
My 12x12 papers have been my biggest problem and now I think I'll get some of those Jet Max thingies if I can find them. Too Cool!
I thought I had a lot of stamps too and you've got me beat there too. I just believe I'll start buying more stamps so I can get some cool organization gizmos!
You are the best and I sure appreciate you sharing this with us. So much fun to see how you store things.

thanks again my stampin' friend!
Debbie Reaves

Stef H

wow! you must have some size room for all this stuff! i love to see how other crafters organize. sooooo many ideas. thanks so much for sharing - and for all the great links.

hugs :)

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