> Dee's Alaskan Cruise

IMG_1835 Juneau
IMG_1838 Juneau gift shop with kool painted giraffes
IMG_1841 Juneau city street
IMG_1845 Juneau
IMG_1849 Juneau
IMG_1850 Juneau
IMG_1853 Juneau State Msm
IMG_1855 Terry Marge outside Msm
IMG_1856 inside Msm
IMG_1859 inisde msm
IMG_1861 inside msm
IMG_1862 inside msm
IMG_1865 inside msm
IMG_1868 Trena inside msm
IMG_1870 inside msm
IMG_1873 inside msm
IMG_1877 inside msm
IMG_1885 arriving in Ketchikan
IMG_1886 Ketchikan
IMG_1887 Ketchikan
IMG_1891 Ketchikan - Red Light District
IMG_1901 Dee's Second Class working hard and having more fun
IMG_1902 more fun
IMG_1904 much more fun
IMG_1905 Trena Warren Dee
Warren & Dee - Posh Impressions
IMG_1907 Marge curling her hair before dinner
IMG_1930 Dee and Pam
IMG_1931 Dee signing my bag
IMG_1932 Terry Marge Dee Trena
IMG_1933 Terry Marge Warren Dee
IMG_1934 Tom Diane - kool couple!
IMG_1936 ATC contest - Marge 1st  pl Trena 2nd pl
IMG_1938 - Deirdre also won!
IMG_1940 1st and 2nd
IMG_1948 kool earrings owned by Rowena and JoAnn
IMG_1952 arriving in Victoria in the dark - blurry pictures
IMG_1961 Victoria in the dark
IMG_1968 us with Basilio, our wonderful dinner waiter
Terry and Trena at drill
Sitka - Deirdre, Terry, Marge, Charles, Trena ship in background